Research program initiatives for students and volunteers

Research Volunteers

Osler’s Research Department is now accepting volunteer Research Assistants on a rolling basis from various educational backgrounds (minimum two years of undergraduate degree or college diploma completed) interested in assisting with research at Osler. Please contact the Research Department at 905-494-2120 x56762 or Dr. Ravi Bhargava, Corporate Manager of Research for more information.
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Research Volunteer FAQ

What does a Research Volunteer do?

A research volunteer will assist with the start up or continuation of a research project. Research projects are overseen by doctors, nurses, social workers and sometimes students pursuing their Master’s degree, PhD or MD. Assisting with a research project could involve the following duties/responsibilities: study design, REB application preparation, consenting patients, data entry, data analysis, etc.

Who can I contact to work with Research at Osler?

Volunteers interested in assisting with research at Osler are encouraged to apply by emailing their 1) resume, 2) cover letter and 3) completed application form to the Research Department.

What types of projects are available for research Volunteers to work with?

Many projects, in a variety of clinical areas are available at Osler. You will be selected and assigned to a project based on your interest, knowledge, and skills

What are the requirements of a Research Volunteer?

Volunteers are required to have completed at least their second year of university or college prior to beginning their placement. Foreign trained medical professionals are encouraged to apply, previous research experience will be an asset but is not a requirement.

How long does the application process take?

After candidates have submitted their resume, availability and letter of interest, an evaluation will be completed to decide if they can be assigned to a research project. Once it is determined that there is a potential opportunity for the candidate, they are interviewed by the research department to make a final decision if that project is well suited for them. This process can take up to 3 weeks.

What are the next steps if I am selected to volunteer as a Research Assistant?

If you are selected to assist with a research project, you will receive an email to complete the following forms, prior to beginning the volunteer placement:
  • Pre-Placement Confidential Immunization Record
  • Research Volunteer Agreement – Workplace Insurance Waiver
  • Osler Confidentiality Agreement
  • Computer Access Request Form 
  • Reference Check (two required)

How long are volunteer placements?

The duration of a volunteer placement may vary. If you are required to complete a set amount of hours for academic credit or a co-op placement, please specify this and any other requirements in your letter of interest

Are placement’s offered at all Osler locations?

Yes, placements can be arranged at Brampton Civic, Etobicoke General and Peel Memorial. However, the location of the placement will depend on the need for a volunteer at that time.

Summer Student Research Program

The Osler Summer Student Research Program (SSRP) is for students of various backgrounds (minimum two years of undergraduate completed) to gain experience in conducting research and for staff to receive resource support and assist them in brining research and quality improvement (QI) projects to fruition, as Osler Research Priorities are defined broadly in the four-year Research Plan.
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This program is available to undergraduate, graduate and medical students as well as high level, foreign-trained professionals who want to gain experience in a medical research/QI setting as volunteers or as part of their educational program. Our goal is to match the qualifications of students to potential projects.


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No. of Students in Program













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Researchers interested in having a student assist with a study contact the Research Department at 905-494-2120 x56762 or contact Dr. Ravi Bhargava, Corporate Manager of Research.


Students interested in assisting with research at Osler during the summer months are encouraged to apply by emailing their 1) resume, 2) cover letter and 3) completed application form to Katelyn Wadleigh and Supreet Brar.

Please note: SSRP applications are due by Friday, January 25, 2019.


Researchers interested in participating in SSRP must submit an abstract outlining the details of your study, the student’s potential responsibilities, if there is a work space available for them in your unit, and how many hours a week this student will be needed. Researchers may use the Template for Researcher Abstract Submissions. We will be using this tool to select the research studies that request a Research Student Assistant this summer.

Abstract submissions are open for 2019

*Please be advised that some students may require computer training for hospital-specific programs (Meditech, REACH, etc.), and may also need help navigating certain hospital operations. You and your team should set aside dedicated time to help the summer students understand the research being done and to instruct the students how to use Osler resources to assist with your study.

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