How do I submit an Initial Study application to the WOHS REB?

Study applications are to be submitted electronically via email to the REB Coordinator. Hard copy submissions are not required, however they are acceptable and can be dropped off to S.3.907 (in the Brampton Civic Hospital library). 

What documents should be included in the Initial application submission?

Please refer to the Forms and Guidelines sections for the appropriate form for your submission. Kindly also include the Study Protocol, Consent Forms, Case Report Forms, Questionnaires, and Scripts, along with any other study documents that will be used or distributed to patients. 

What is a Delegated Review vs. a Full Board Review?

A delegated review is conducted for studies of minimal-risk and non-invasive (e.g. retrospective chart reviews, questionnaires or surveys, non-invasive assessments, use of tissue), or studies involving only current standards of care.

A full board review is conducted for above minimal risk research studies. Conducted by the full membership of the REB, it is the default requirement for the ethics review of research involving human participants.

How long is the process for REB approval?

After a study has been reviewed by the REB, they may have questions regarding the study. Depending on the response rate of the researcher(s), the turnaround time for an approval could be up to 3-4 weeks. 

Who can be a Principal Investigator (PI)?

A PI is an Osler Staff member or someone with an active appointment at Osler who is interested in conducting a study. A PI can also support a student in their research with the appropriate approval from their Department/Division head. 

Who provides a Department/Division/Program Approval for a Chart Review (retrospective) study?

Please contact the Corporate HIM Manager, Health Records (ext. 58860)

How can a student (Master, PhD, Medical, etc.) conduct research at Osler?

A student is allowed to conduct a study at Osler. However they must have support for their study from an Osler Staff member or someone with an active appointment at Osler. Additionally, a student will need to acquire the Department/Division head approval to conduct their study. Once a student has this support, they may submit their Initial Study Application to the Osler REB. 

What is the process for an Annual/Continued Renewal Submission?

Studies are to be renewed annually. The study expiry date is indicated on the initial Study Approval Letter issued by the Osler REB. Please submit the Annual Renewal form two months prior to the expiration of the study. Once reviewed and approved by the REB, an official Annual Renewal Letter will be issued with a new expiration date. 

How do I close a completed study with the Osler REB?

Studies are completed when the sponsor has indicated it is completed, data analysis is complete and/or no patients have been recruited during the expected study time and there is no reason to keep the study open. Please complete the Study Closure form and submit it to the REB Coordinator with the PI signature as soon as possible. 

What are the fees for submitting to the REB?

The following fees apply to industry sponsored studies: 

  • Initial REB submission/review: $3,000
  • Annual/Continued Renewals: $500
  • Amendments: $500

Who do I contact for study agreements?
All study agreements are to be submitted to the REB coordinator.


Contact the Research Ethics Board office for guidance when completing REB applications, ongoing submissions, and general questions: 

Supreet Brar, CCRA, CCRP
REB Coordinator
905-494-2120 ext 50908
Fax: 905-494-6769 

Katelyn Wadleigh, CCRP (Maternity Leave)
REB Coordinator
905-494-2120 ext 50448 
Fax: 905-494-6769


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