Preparing for your placement

Immunization record:

In keeping with the Public Hospitals Act, OHA and OMA guidelines, Osler requires a baseline immunization record for all students. This record must be completed before your placement can begin. 

Immunization record

Confidentiality Agreement:

Osler has a Zero Tolerance policy on any violation of confidential information concerning patients, hospital personnel and hospital business.  You will be required to complete the Agreement before your placement begins at Osler.

Confidentiality agreement

Criminal Reference Checks:

All Osler employees must complete a complete criminal reference and backround check. 

You MUST have a documented PRC in order to be eligible for placement at Osler. Failure to do so will result in the inability to complete your placement. 

Obtaining a PRC can take 8 weeks or more. Plan ahead so that you have the required documentation on time.


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