The Admitting Process

Checking important health information

When you arrive at the hospital, we will ask you to provide the following important information:

  • your name, current address and phone number
  • name of your family doctor
  • your Ontario Health Card  (Ontario Health Insurance Plan or OHIP)
  • details or copies of your policy about any additional or alternate health care insurance coverage
  • name of your employer
  • name and phone number of your spouse or Next of Kin
  • any known allergies you may have to food or medications
  • any other information which you think may be helpful to your health care providers

We will then give you a hospital identification bracelet that includes your name and hospital identification number. If you have an allergy, you may be given a second bracelet to alert staff. Please wear these bracelets at all times during your hospital stay.

Preparing for your hospital stay 

If you are currently taking any medications please bring them in their original containers. You should also bring toiletry items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, brush/comb, shaving equipment, shampoo, deodorant, pajamas, slippers, housecoat or dressing gown, glasses, hearing aids or dentures.

Please leave valuables at home

Jewellery, watches, cell phones, wallets and other valuables should be left at home or with a family member.  Osler is not able to accept any responsibility for items that are lost during your stay at the hospital.

Name a contact person

When you are admitted, you will be asked to choose someone who will act as the hospital's main point of contact during your stay.This person can ask questions and pass along 
information to other family members and friends on your behalf.  To respect your privacy, the hospital will not give out information to other callers.

Your health records

Throughout your hospital stay, your health care team will record information about your care and treatment.  This information is entered into your 'health record'.  Patient health records are legal documents and must be kept for ten years after the date of your last hospital visit.  For children 18 years of age and under, health records must be kept for ten years after the date of the child's 18th birthday.

To obtain information regarding your health record, contact the Health Information Management Department at:


Tel: 416-494-2120 ext. 32019


Tel: 905-494-2120 ext. 58864


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