We are recruiting patient and family advisors. Your voice matters.

Steps to becoming an advisor

Become a Patient and Family Advisor (PFA)

Partner with staff and physicians to help improve the care and services we deliver to our community.

Bring your unique skills and ‘lived experience’ as a patient or family member to inform key hospital decisions and health system solutions.

PFAs are volunteers and receive complimentary parking and refreshments when attending advisor-related meetings and activities. The time commitment is flexible.

Qualities of a patient and family advisor

  • Has been a patient or family member at Osler and/or within the Central West Community.
  • Is able to use personal experience to advance hospital planning and health system strategy.
  • Is open-minded, solution-oriented with a positive attitude
  • Is respectful of the opinions of others

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Application Form

Please submit an application form online, OR download and complete the PFAC Application and submit to PatientExperience@williamoslerhs.ca.

Select a choice


Identify two people who would be willing to provide a reference to support your application. Please ensure they agree to be contacted.

I give permission to William Osler Health System to discuss my application with the person(s) listed as references. I understand and agree that to the best of my knowledge, the information I have provided is complete and accurate in every respect. Any material misrepresentation or deliberate omission of a fact in my application will be justification for refusal of the opportunity to volunteer, or if volunteering, just cause for termination from William Osler Health System. Information in this application may be made available to staff at William Osler Health System who are the leads (or designate) of activities that you are interested in participating. Informative emails may be sent to you and you may be contacted by telephone.

Your siganture

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