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Spacious, modern, patient-friendly facilities

The new four-storey wing will add 250,000 square feet to our facility when it opens in 2019. The new wing will include:

New, larger emergency department

The entire first floor of the new wing will be dedicated to emergency care, making the new area almost twice as large as the existing space.
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The new, larger emergency department (ED) will be a state-of-the-art, high-tech environment, built to support best practices in emergency care. Airy bright spaces will provide a more comfortable environment for patients and families waiting for care.

A new fracture clinic will be located next to the emergency department. This expansion will provide space to care for more patients in less time.

State-of-the-art infection prevention features, patient-centred care that supports privacy and family members, and a design that enables the efficient flow of patients.

New combined Cardiac, Respiratory and Neurodiagnostic Unit

This new unit will bring several services together in one large, bright, self-contained space, making it more convenient for patients – particularly those with heart disease and breathing complications.

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The new patient rooms will be filled with natural light and provide plenty of privacy and space to comfortably accommodate family members who spend hours supporting their loved one in a time of extreme need.

New maternal newborn unit

The space will support more than 17,000 outpatient obstetrics/gynecology clinic visits so mothers and their families can come to one place for the services they need.
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At Etobicoke General, our care focus is offering women the type of birth experience they want in a family-centred environment. Moms can choose to be supported by a multi-disciplinary team, their midwife, or a family-centred birthing experience.

And if baby needs a little extra care in a specialized nursery, it’s comforting to know that care will be available, in their own community, where it is convenient for family to visit and support mom.

Etobicoke General’s Level II Nursery – which provides specialized care for babies who are underweight, sick or premature – urgently requires updating to provide optimum care for these tiny, frail patients. These little ones do best in a calm, quiet environment as they learn how to breastfeed and grow well enough to go home.

Located next to the Maternal/Newborn Unit, parents and babies will have private, quiet, comfortable spaces to bond with their baby, which include:

  • Ten bassinets, up from the current 8, for babies who need specialized care
  • Two care-by-parent rooms where new parents learn how to look after their newborn
  • Two infant resuscitation rooms
  • New ambulatory procedures unit

New cardio-respiratory/electro-diagnostics unit

This new unit will bring all of our cardiorespiratory and electrodiagnostics services together in one large, bright, self-contained space. This will be more convenient for patients – particularly those with heart disease and breathing complications.
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Our community has one of the highest rates of heart disease in Ontario, with a trend to younger and younger patients – some only in their thirties.

We currently do not have the space to add other critical tests that will improve diagnoses and better access to treatment. In addition, the existing spaces are fragmented, located throughout the hospital, including the basement.

The new unit features:

  • New services, including a chest pain clinic
  • Bigger, brighter dedicated space to support patient education
  • Rooms designed for maximum flexibility to take advantage of future advancements

Some units will also get a facelift and move to new, expanded spaces, with additional equipment, including:

  • Dialysis
  • Laboratory
  • Diagnostic Cardiology
  • Day Surgery

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