Wayfinding app HosNav gets major makeover

by Osler Staff | Mar 22, 2017

Tap, tap, swipe, take a picture, check your calendar, tap, tap, swipe, send a text, scroll, scroll some more, make a call, tap, tap. Your phone has worked itself into your everyday life. We’re blending seamlessly in with our patients’ everyday mobile habits with a significant update to Osler's wayfinding app, HosNav.

Coming to the hospital can be an overwhelming experience. And the last thing you need to worry about is fumbling with payment or wandering around looking for signage. HosNav will help you get right to where you need to go with the least amount of stress.

The app is designed to help patients figure out how to get to their outpatient appointments at any of our sites. It includes parking costs, closest lots to appointments, and clinic locations.

With the opening of Peel Memorial and shifts in clinic whereabouts across all of our sites, we’ve taken the opportunity to make a number of improvements to our inaugural app:

  • An updated version is available on the App Store
  • A brand new version is available on the Google Play Store
  • Peel Memorial clinics have been added
  • Design and layout has changed dramatically for a more attractive appearance and experience

"As mobile apps continue to increase in popularity, we recognize that the use of such technology can help our patients more easily access care and improve their overall experience while they are with us," said Cara Francis, Regional Director, Public Relations, Central West Community Care Centre, Headwaters Health Care Centre and William Osler Health System. "We are pleased to make this new app available to patients and families and ensure our community has the information they need most, right at their fingertips.”

Download the app now for Android or iOS.