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Update on an incident from Sept 14

by Osler Staff | Sep 14, 2017
This afternoon, you may have noticed some coverage reporting that Etobicoke General Hospital was evacuated due to a bomb threat found on site that was written in discriminatory and aggressive language.

The actual situation involved a very localized discriminatory harassment and threat found in a portable washroom on the construction site in proximity to Etobicoke General. The construction site is owned by Etobicoke Healthcare Partnership (EHP), the partner working with Osler on Etobicoke General's redevelopment project.

When the event was reported to Osler, we immediately took action to work with EHP and the police to ensure the safety and security of patients and visitors coming on site at Etobicoke General. The construction site was evacuated and police conducted a thorough search of the area. Police cleared the site late this morning and construction crews returned back to work. We believe at this time that this is an isolated incident and we continue to monitor the situation.

Although this did not take place on Osler property, the safety and wellbeing of staff, physicians, volunteers, patients and visitors is our top priority. We have solid policies, processes and protocols in place to support a safe and inclusive environment.

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