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Future health care leaders visit Osler for Take Your Kids to Work Day

by Osler Staff | Nov 03, 2016

a father and son stand together
Willem Yates is a Grade 9 student who now knows what the inside of a gallbladder looks like. On November 2, children of Osler staff were welcomed into the hospitals to get an inside look for Take Your Kid to Work Day.

Darryl Yates, Associate VP, Clinical Practice; Site Executive at Etobicoke General; and Interim Chief Nursing Executive here at Osler, brought in his son, Willem, to enjoy a day of activities in the hospital. 

Take Your Kid to Work Day provides a learning and bonding opportunity for visiting sons and daughters. Darryl said Osler staff members who have students in Grade 9 were very excited for their young ones to get involved. “There’s definitely been some anticipation among these staff and they're looking forward to seeing the day play out!”

Visiting students got to visit a number of different departments and do different activities to expand their understanding of Osler’s hospitals and the team effort required to operate

In the morning, the kids took part in a respiratory and CPR workshop and learned how to use a defibrillator, give CPR to infants and more. They also visited Diagnostic Imaging, the Pharmacy and a lab to learn about the internal working of the hospital. 

“Seeing the microscopes, sorting machines and learning how everything worked in the lab was my favourite part,” Willem said. “We also got to see black lungs, cancerous lungs, an appendix, and even a gallbladder being opened.”

After the hospital tour, the kids met up with their parents for lunch and settled in to hear a few presentations. Darryl was happy to give one of the sessions to educate the visiting students on depression, substance abuse and mental health.

“I have a background in this area from when I was on the front line as a registered nurse,” he said. “My goal is to share the risks surrounding mental health and take this opportunity to talk to high school students about it. This is a good time in their lives to have the conversation and explain what Osler does to address these things.”

After hearing from parents and taking a visit to the Fracture clinic, the day came to a close for the Grade 9 students. As a bonus, Willem had an even closer look at his father’s job tagging along with Darryl to his afternoon meetings. “Even though we talk about my job at home, it’s great to have Willem here to experience it in person,” Darryl said.

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