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Nutrition Month: Unlock the potential of food

We decided to unlock the "potential of food" for Nutrition Month with a bit of an nontraditional food taste test. We tracked down some willing taste-tasters and one of our dietitians created a three course meal with a hidden healthy add-in in each dish. Watch how easy it really is to make our favourite dishes even healthier as our taste-testers put on their blindfolds and try to identify the healthy hidden add-in.

How to eat healthy from 9 to 5

Between rushed mornings, mid-day meetings and commuting it can be hard to eat well at work. Eating well is the best way to boost concentration, productivity and also help you avoid taking sick days by keeping you healthy overall. Here are some tips to help inspire you to eat better from 9-5.


The best kind of snacks to pack

When packing healthy snacks it’s important to think balance. A balanced snack ideally includes items from at least 2 of Canada’s Food Guide groups. It’s also important that snacks and lunches be fun, appetizing and creative to keep kids interested and practicing healthy habits. Here are some combo ideas to get you started:

Five ways to make Holiday apps healthier

The holidays can be a wonderful time of year, filled with family, friends and especially food. Worried all those festive treats will wreak havoc on your waistline? They don’t have to, if you stick to these 5 tips:

Celiac Disease: Did you know?

Going gluten-free isn’t a trend for individuals who have it; it’s a way of life. Celiac disease is caused by an autoimmune reaction to gluten, which is a protein found in wheat and other grains. This reaction results in damage to the intestinal walls, which can lead to many other serious health issues. The only treatment is to follow a strictly gluten-free diet. To help you better understand celiac disease and those who have it, we’ve put together a “Did-You-Know” guide.

Healthy recipes that will take you less than 5 minutes

Sometimes the hardest part about eating healthy is how long it takes to prep. We asked our dieticians for their favourite quick and tasty recipes and here are some of their faves:

Five nutrition myths debunked

Knowing how to give your body what it needs is no easy task. With health-related information coming in from different directions, it is often difficult to decipher good nutrition from bad. If your newspaper, Twitter feed and next-door neighbour are all telling you different things, we’re here to help. We have de-bunked some of the biggest nutrition myths out there today to give you a better idea of how to best feed your body.

Eight easy back-to-school lunch ideas

Eight easy back-to-school lunch ideas

As the school year starts up again so does the daily task of making lunches. Our Osler Dietitians have put together eight easy tips on how to make healthy, affordable and fun lunches for you and the kids!

Six reasons why tea is good for your health

Winter is here, and with its short days and frigid temperatures, many of us are feeling less chipper than usual. Thankfully, there’s a well-known, inexpensive, and safe remedy used all around the world: Tea! It can keep you warm and toasty, soothe cold and flu symptoms, help you relax, de-stress or provide a much needed energy boost. Here are six reasons why tea is good for your health:

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