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5 ways to make Holiday apps healthier

The holidays can be a wonderful time of year, filled with family, friends and especially food. Worried all those festive treats will wreak havoc on your waistline? They don’t have to, if you stick to these 5 tips:

Satisfy with Protein

Your favourite holiday treats can be rich, full of flavour and still be good for you with these healthy swaps. Choose ingredients packed with protein to keep you full and satisfied without the sacrifice! Use protein-rich Greek yogurt to make dips like cucumber or spinach and artichoke instead of the usual sour cream or cream cheese base. Bean dips (white kidney beans, black beans, chickpeas) are also a protein-rich hit at the snack table alongside veggies, whole grain crackers or warm pita wedges. 

Think balance

Cut back on extra calories at the table by snacking smart. Go for bite-sized portions and balance decadent ingredients with lighter ones. Try to slow down and savour each bite to prevent overeating. For a lighter twist on the traditional appetizer, try decadent smoked salmon and cream cheese on top of cucumber slices instead of the usual bread slices.

Mini desserts pack big flavour

What are the holidays without dessert? Mini desserts allow you to satisfy your sweet tooth and try a variety of flavours while staying on track with your health goals.  Try chocolate-dipped strawberries, mini chocolate mousse shots, or individual Pavlovas topped with fresh berries.  

Fill up with fibre

Include at least one fibre-rich item in your appetizer like fresh or dried fruit, vegetables or whole grains. Stuffed baby potatoes pack plenty of fibre and mouthwatering flavour with less calories than you’d imagine! Top them with cheese and roasted veggies or Greek yogurt and chives for a delicious and filling snack. 

Deconstruct the dip

Large bowls of chips and dips can keep you coming back for more without realizing how much you’ve actually eaten. By pre-plating dips or toppings on top of crackers, chips or veggies, you can be more aware of how many bites you’ve really taken and enjoy each one. It also looks more elegant! Try topping artichoke hearts with Spinach and Brie instead of serving up the traditional dip. 

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