Day 1: Arrival in India and greetings from the team


The Global Health Team has landed in India!

We are tired, but even after a cumulative twenty hours of travel our level of excitement for the Global Health tour has increased exponentially!

In fact, the long journey from Toronto to Delhi, with a stop-over in Abu Dhabi, gave us a lot of time to share our reasons for joining the Global Health Tour.
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We bonded through sharing stories (and the occasional armrest space!), interpreting for each other, and making sure everyone was accounted for at every leg of the journey. It has strengthened us as a unit.

This year’s team includes:
  • Susan deRyk, Senior Team Lead role
  • Dr. Kamil Haider, Emergency Medicine Physician role
  • Amarjit Dhillon, Emergency Medicine Services Nurse role
  • Dr. Amlan Das, Mental Health & Addictions Physician role
  • Parul Giare, Mental Health & Addictions Nurse role
  • Carrie Woodcock, Mental Health & Addictions Social Worker role
  • Dr. Leili Pede, Family and Emergency Medicine Physician, clinician role
  • And me, Sundeep Hans, the Tour Coordinator this year

I also want to introduce a very important member of our team, Mr. Chiranji, seen here throwing up a peace sign! He has been our driver and our on the ground support since the very first Global Health tour. He has been helping us as we prepared for the trip by sharing pictures and interesting facts.

We’ve had an extremely long day one, but we are geared and ready for day two!