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Team India

 Team India members

Florine Lobo, Team Lead

Having immigrated to Canada from India 20 years ago, my journey has been one of hard-work and perseverance. Through my understanding of Indian culture and the local language (Hindi), I will be able to assist the teams both here and in India in various roles including senior team lead, co-ordination, translation, providing front line services (distribution of meds), etc. From the communities we visit, I hope to learn more about the importance of family presence, patient experience, quality and efficiency and resource management to relay back to the greater Osler community.


Dr. Gurjit Bajwa, ED Physician

One of the reasons I am an emergency physician is to better the health of my community. When I’m here, it’s my local community. When I’m abroad, it will be my global community.


Christina Calvano, Emergency Medicine Nurse

I am excited to participate in this tour because I love to learn and to teach. I appreciate having the opportunity to listen and observe, as well as help and share, nursing knowledge, skill and experience. From this experience, I’d like to gain insight on the life, health care practices and beliefs of those we meet in India, as well as learn about what works for them, what doesn’t, and allow this to influence and improve my own practice in the Osler community.


Dr. Navin Kaicker, Psychiatrist

I am participating on this trip in order to gain a better understanding of health issues in the Punjab. I hope this work will heighten my understanding of the community I serve in Brampton.



Dr. Brian Klar, ED Physician

I have been privileged to collaborate with colleagues, work with learners, and care for patients at Etobicoke General Hospital, Osler and in the surrounding community for over 25 years. This trip provides me with the opportunity to expand my perspective, share with others in innovative ways and allow all of us involved to move health care forward for our local and global communities. It is an exciting opportunity.


Navjot Mundi, Mental Health & Addictions Nurse

Participating in the program will give me the opportunity to learn, innovate and exchange knowledge with health professionals in India. I believe I can learn a lot from the experiences of people in India, and I will then be able to bring that knowledge back to the Osler community. It will be great to represent Osler on a global level and to be able to contribute positively to the community I grew up in.



 Harpal Panesar, Tour Coordinator

I want to inspire my staff and peers that more can be done, that the status quo is not enough, that we can extend beyond and push to a greater level of excellence. As my staff and I deal with patients and families every day, having the ‘on the ground’ first-hand experience would heighten our cultural understanding of the communities we serve.

Team Pakistan


Dr. Naveed Mohammad, Senior Team Lead

Going beyond and practicing patient-centred care without boundaries has been our theme since we started the program. I am excited to be on the team and I hope to bring back great learnings from Pakistan so we can serve Osler patients better. While we are there, we will impart our experiences from Osler to improve the health of those in need in Pakistan. With so much aniticipation, this is why I am joining.


Dr. Abdul Aziz, Pediatric Physician

To share our experience of working in pediatrics with the Global Health mission to Pakistan.


Dr. Kamil Haider, Emergency Medicine Physician

The most profound impact of travelling to another country as a health care professional is developing a greater understanding of health and wellness, a common value that transcends national boundaries. This principle was certainly exemplified during my visit to India and Pakistan last year. I am fortunate to return to Pakistan once again in my role as an Emergency Medicine Physician. I look forward to sharing my clinical knowledge and experience, while broadening my own perspective on the delivery of health care through innovative methods such as telemedicine resuscitation. This mutual collaboration and opportunity to build long lasting working relationships with our colleagues abroad, reaffirms Osler’s vision of delivering patient-inspired health care without boundaries.


Lindsay Hogeboom, Pediatric Nurse

I am excited to be joining the team this year as there is so much we can learn from our colleagues in Pakistan to leverage and influence the way we provide care at Osler. This opportunity also provides the team with the unique opportunity to support, coach and empower Osler’s global partners with our collective knowledge and skills. Engaging in this shared teaching and learning process will allow us to continue to support the team in Pakistan but also continue to support our work at home. I look forward to representing Osler and I'm excited to bring back my learnings to share with my colleagues and teams.



Andrea Martin, ED Nurse

I am grateful for an amazing opportunity to learn from others outside the walls of Olser, and I am committed to sharing my own knowledge and experiences beyond borders.


Anne McCarthy, Diabetes Nurse

Being aware of cultural values is an important skill in our world today and I believe you have to get out of your comfort zone to develop cultural sensitivity. Travel is the perfect teacher. There is so much to be gained by shifting perspective and being open to learning about innovation and creativity used in other countries. I hope to share knowledge and resources in the co-development of a diabetes program in Karachi and bring back new ideas and perspectives that will enhance teams and patient care at Osler.



 Dr. Jared Paty, Family Medicine Resident

I have had a longstanding interest in Global Health and completed a Master of Science in Global Health prior to my formal medical education.
This trip will allow me to gain experience in an entirely unique setting unlike any provided here in Ontario. I am looking forward to collaborating with colleagues in Pakistan and returning with a new perspective that will not only enhance my own practice, but provide lessons I can share with my co-residents and faculty here in Brampton as well.


Jyoti Purewal, Tour Coordinator

I am inspired by the experiences of previous participants and teams. I see this as an opportunity that provides practical insights to help us serve our community better, while supporting health equity at a local and global level. As a Quality Manager with Osler, I look forward to collaborating and discovering how we can further improve delivery of services. I am excited to be a Global Health ambassador and share my experiences in the coming weeks!

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