About the Sun Life Financial Osler Global Health Program

The Sun Life Financial Osler Global Health program is giving us a chance to use our expertise in areas around the world while gaining insights about the patients we serve to help us improve care for our local community. It's our vision of 'patient inspired care without boundaries' in action.

The 2018 itinerary

Thurs, Feb. 15

Both Osler teams depart from Toronto

Fri, Feb. 16

Team India: Arrive in Delhi, travel to Amritsar
Team Pakistan: Team Pakistan: Arrive in Karachi and acclimatize

Sat, Feb. 17

Team India: Amritsar, Punjab and acclimatize/Visit Golden Temple
Team Pakistan: ChildLife, Karachi - Tour of community outreach clinics

Sun, Feb. 18

Team India: Travel to Ludhiana and meet Dayanand Medical Medical College & Hospital (DMCH) team
Team Pakistan: ChildLife - Provide training and education and exchange best practices

Mon, Feb. 19

Team India: DMCH - Emergency Medicine and Mental Health & Addiction work
Team Pakistan: Karachi - Rest Day

Tues, Feb. 20

Team India: DMCH - Continue work on Emergency Medicine and MH&A
Team Pakistan: ChildLife - Best Practice Day /CME Afternoon

Wed, Feb. 21

Team India: DMCH - Collaborative Meeting/Exchange of ideas
Team Pakistan: ChildLife - Provide training and education and exchange best practices

Fri, Feb. 22

Team India: Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha (SKSS), Sarabha Village - Introduction/meet with SKSS peers and  Knowledge Exchange Day
Team Pakistan: ChildLife - Exchange best practices and collaborative roundatble and future work

Fri, Feb. 23

Team India: SKSS, Sarabha Village - MH&A Camp
Team Pakistan: Departure from Karachi

Sat, Feb. 24

Team India: SKSS, Sarabha Village - Diabetes Education & Screening Camp
Team Pakistan: Arrive in Toronto

Sun, Feb. 25

Team India: Travel to Delhi early morning/Rest Day

Mon, Feb. 26

Team India: Agra - Day trip to Taj Mahal

Tues, Feb. 27

Team India: Rest Day in Delhi

Wed, Feb. 28

Team India: Departure from Delhi (1 a.m.) to Toronto. Arrive in Toronto same day

In 2018, the Global Health team will be focusing on:


  • Continuing to co-design non-pharmacological interventions in Mental Health and Addictions services with Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH)
  • Training and research on restraint system for Mental Health patients
  • Enhancing Emergency Medicine services at DMCH
  • Reaching more villagers to enhance access to care through general check-up camps with emphasis on mental health & addictions and diabetes screening and education
  • Learning about the approach to gender co-horting 
  • Providing training and education to nursing students and instructors at SKSS on diabetes, autism, epilepsy and mental health.


  • Evaluate ChildLife emergency room operations according to Accreditation Canada standards to support achievement of highest quality of care
  • Educate and implement a diabetes outreach program
  • Conduct an education day with primary care and emergency medicine physicians on malnutrition, diabetes and toxicology

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